When creating videos, I take snapshots of keynote, upload to website, and then manually handcraft the html to include in the show notes. It’s slow, tedious, and not a lot of fun.

So today I created a ruby script to do this for me.


date = ARGV[0] # 2013/06
alt = ARGV[1] # iteration mechanics
basedir = "/Users/jrasmusson/Desktop"
files = Dir.glob(basedir + "/*.png")
files.each do |k|   puts "<img src=\"http://xxx/" + date + "/" + File.basename(k) + "?w=500\" alt=\"" + alt + "\" /><hr>"

> ruby imageconverter.rb 2013/06 “iteration mechanics” | pbcopy

<img src="http://xxx/2013/06/im-analysis.png?w=500" alt="iteration mechanics" /><hr>
<img src="http://xxx/2013/06/im-check-the-work.png?w=500" alt="iteration mechanics" /><hr>
<img src="http://xxx/2013/06/im-do-the-work.png?w=500" alt="iteration mechanics" /><hr>

To see the output on screen, run without the pbcopy mac command at the end which copies to clip board.

The only thing I haven’t been able to do is make this ruby script globally available from any directory (like a bash script).

If anyone has any ideas on how to do that I would be very grateful.