Adobe Illustrator

Resize png

How to stop Illustrator from selecting outer objects

Illustrator > Preferences > Selector & Anchor Display

Check 'Object Selection by Path Only`

Cmd + ` (switch tabs)

Can’t resize Show Bounding Box

Custom shortcuts
Shft + Cmd + ; Rearrange artboards

Cmd + Opt + A Select all artwork in artboard

Illustrator windows won’t fit on screen

Press ‘f’ – should bring all windows back and resized correctly

Apply Color


Select black and white object you want to color.
Press ‘i’ to get the eye dropper thingy.
Then tap the shape you want the color from.
And it will apply to your shape!

Smart Guides
To get illustrator to gives you snap guidelines go: Command – U

Resize canvas
Shift – O

Arrow heads


Window -> Stroke -> Arrow heads

How to make a speech bubble

Rounded corners
Pen (p)
Esc-V to deselect
Path finder (square within square) (Window -> Pathfinder)
– from menu on right hand side
Shape modes unite

Centering an object on the clipboard
Window -> Align
Check ‘Align to Artboard’
Then just select and center your object/image.

round corners
object -> path -> offset path (rounded)

increase line spacing
Option -> up or down arrow

increase letter spacing
Option -> left/right arrow

Turn font into image
(select text) Type -> Create Outlines

Insert symbol
Window -> Type -> Glyphs

Select a color
Use the eye dropper, then click on the part of the image you want to sample
Then select on the (closed image) you want to paint. That color should appear in the pallette for you to select.


Select the shape you want to color. Press ‘i’ for wand, then click the image you want to sample. Voila!

Move shape forward and back
command []

If you can’t scale for some reasons, make sure the ‘bounding box’ is on.
This is what lets’s you grab a corner, hold shift, and stretch it out.

Adobe Illustrator Short Cuts

shift command increase / decrease font size
option -> <- kerning

Create an explosion
To stretch anchor points go Direct Selection Tool (A)
And then double click the on the anchor point you want to strech out

Cut or slice a path

Grab the scissors and tap where on the line you want the cut to be made.
Then select and remove.


If you love the snapping guidance of how to line things up check:

View -> Smart Guides is turned on.


Radial Gradient Background
– draw fill box of color
– Window -> Swatch Libraries -> Gradients -> Fades
– Select fade to black


  • Make it radial



  • Type ‘G’ to bring up your gradient slider and then slide the buttons to change gradient

Multiple art boards (annoying ‘page’ box)

File > Document Setup > Edit Artboards (delete)

Round corners
Effect -> Stylize -> Round corner

How to get ride of annoying 3d perspective grid
Shift -> Command -> I
View -> Perspective Grid -> Hide Grid

How to export artboards as pdf

Export Illustrator Layers and/or Artboards as PNGs and PDFs

Give the art board a name, and it will export.
To get the script to permanently show up, you need to copy it into the Illustrator script dir.

&amp;gt; cd Applications
&amp;gt; cd Adobe\ Illustrator\ CC\ 2019
&amp;gt; find . -name "ImageTracing.jsx"

Copy script there

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 8.49.11 AM

How to copy color

Use the eye dropper to select. The click to apply.
– Hold Shift to copy only stroke
– Hold Alt to copy only fill


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