Shortcut Keys

Keyboard shortcuts – XCode


Command + Option + Enter Show/Hide preview pane 
Command + Option + P Resume preview pane 

<a href=";ab_channel=PaulHudson">24 Tips</a>

Generate class initializers
Select Class - Editor - Refactor - Generate Memberwise Initializer

Edit - Format - Spelling - Grammar - Check spelling while typing

Generate interface file
Cnt + Command + Up

Can alphabetize file order
Or use the search bar at the bottom of the navigator

Run last test
Cnt + Opt + Cmd + G
Shift + Command + A Dark Mode

Manually run by clicking square lower left beside up/down arrow for output.

Shift + Command + L     Show library
Shift + Command + M     Show media

Control + Cmd E - Rename in scope
Cmd Shift M Image literal - brings up list of images

How to open a file in the second window
Cmd + Sht + O (quick open) then Sht + Alt + Enter to select the second window

Cnt + Option + Command + U Run specific unit test
Cnt Cmd left right arrow - Last edit
Cnt Cmd J Jump to method definition
Opt Cmd Return - Pop open assistant (2nd window for editting)
Cnt Cmd  Move forward backward files in editor
Sht Cmd J Reveal in project navigator
Cmd J Focus edit area
Cnt Cmd up/down Flip between .m .h
Cnt Cmd  Flip forward/backwards files
Cmd L Goto line

Cmd 0 (zero) Hide navigation pane
Cmd Opt 0 (zero) Hide utilities pane
Cmd Return Hide assistant editor
Shf Cmd Opt click (file in navigator) Open file in new window
Cmd Shift {} Move between tabs
Cntl 6 - method list
Option Command Click - open method definition in assistant editor
Shift Command 0 Apple Documentation

Shift + Option + Command + = Redisplay elements for autolayout

Delete Code Spec - select, repeatedly click delete - eventually a pop-up appears

Alt - mouse over storyboard to see pixel distances
Cntl - Shift - Click - select embedded views xcode interface builds

Opt Cmd / - Comment section
Cntl- Cmd -e Edit all in scope
Opt Cntl Cmd F - Fix all in scope (fixes all Swift suggestions en mass)
Cntl + Option + Cmd + &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;lt;- Split window

Arrow shifting in words - Preferences/Keyboard Shortcuts/Mission Control/Move left or right a space (turn off)

To run specific test
- Flip to test scheme (SelfServeTests) in Xcode
- 'f' in front of test to gain focus
- Cmd U

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 7.24.09 AM.png

Command line cheat sheet


Alt + F1 Review file in Project View

Screen Shot 2016-12-03 at 7.08.49 AM.png


# Unit testing
Shift + Cmd + T Create new test class from current class
Cmd + N (Enter) Create new test in in test class
Cntrl + T Refactor this
Shift + Cntrl + R Run unit tests
Option + Up/Dwn Arrow Progressive selection

# Navigation
Cmd + B Goto method
Cmd + [] Back/forth

Option + Cmd + F Introduce field
Option + Cmd + V Introduce variable
Option + Cmd + M Extract method
Option + Cmd + N Inline temp
Option + Cmd + L Reformat

Select column text for copy - Drag mouse over column text while holding 'alt' (Windows)



svn status
svn add foo.c
svn add --force images
svn delete bar.c
svn commit -m
svn update
svn revert --recursive .
svn diff -r r183848:r183682 int.pml
svn diff -r PREV:HEAD InfoWeNeed/BookInfo.txt
svn log file.txt

Setup ignore

export SVN_EDITOR=vi
svn propedit svn:ignore .

Keyboard shortcuts – AppCode

Ctrl Shift R - Run all tests
Shift Cmd J - Reveal in project finder
Shift Cmd up/down - move lines
Ctrl Cmd up - .m .h file
Cmd [] - Navigate back/forward
Shft Option Cmd L - reformat code


Cmd K Clear console
Cmd Y Remove all break points
Sht Cmd Y Show/hide console area
Debug - Ctnl - Cmd - Y Continue
Debug - step over - F6
Debug - step into - F7
Debug - stop out - F8


option + Cmd + c Review code changes
Cmd click - goto method
Option click - quick
Cnt + Option + Cmd + / verbose

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.11.58 PM.png


Ensure meta key enabled on terminal preferences
Option + Backspace Delete words
Option +  jump words
Cntl + R Search back
Cntl + S Search fwd
Cntl + G Cancel
Cmd + Shift Double click select terminal text


Column selection – Left mouse + Option

Search dirs for file containing text

grep --include=\*.{c,h} -rnw '/path/to/somewhere/' -e "pattern"

Google Chrome

Command + L Focus search window
Command + Delete Clear search window
Command +  Forward/back browser history
Shift + Command + T Open previous tab



Launch App
Contrl – Tab Enable/Disable no toolbar
Option – Tab Enable/Disable with toolbar

1 – Draw
2 – Arrow
3 – Box
4 – Text
5 – Sparkle


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