Arriving in Tokyo a couple days ago, I had the pleasure of attending my first Agile Samurai Dojo.

Mike (mee-hey) and Miho were kind enough to pick me up at my hotel where we then proceeded to the agile samurai dojo just outside of Toyko.

Agile Samurai Dojos are self study groups that have sprung up across Japan where groups of people get together and discuss the contents of the Japanese translated Agile Samurai.

There are usually led by a Sensei, and people work through the book at their own pace. They discuss various aspects of agile, share they feelings on how it might work, and generally try to better understand the material.

We had some great discussion on why managing scope is important, setting expectations, and why I choose the word Samurai as the book title (which I’ll talk to at the next dojo).

Thank you for having me everyone. It was a special night and an honor meeting you all. Looking forward to our next dojo next Friday.

See you there.