I dislike the title Project Manager.
It conjures up all things evil.
Self serving.
On time. On budget.
Doesn’t get software.

Pretty much everything I thought of when I was a full time developer.

And yet today I manage projects.
I create budgets.
I set expectations.
I go to meetings.
I submit status reports.

But I don’t view myself as a project manager.

I don’t own the budget. My customers does.
I am not God (like the PMBOK study guides would tell me). I am a messenger.
I don’t control scope. I inform my customer of their choices.
And I certainly don’t like telling people what to do (though I find myself having to do that from time to time).

Project Management, especially in software, needs a makeover.
It’s too important to be left to the traditional institutions who would have you believe there is one all encompassing framework sufficient for all manners of project.

But more importantly, we as engineers and developers should not be afraid of entering it. Software needs good managers.

So don’t fear the title. Create a new one.

I am not a project manager. I am a developer who managers projects.

Jonathan Rasmusson