Movie might be a bit of stretch. Heck trailer might be a bit of a stretch.

But when the Prags asked me to make a short promotional video for the Agile Samurai I immediately said: “Hell ya!”

The first cut of the video (the one I really wanted to use) looked something like this:

But for obvious copyright infringement purposes, it ended up looking more like this.

Making short clips like this is super easy with iMovie. All you need are some jpgs of slides you’d like to present and video of stuff you’d like to edit.

Slides you can create with PowerPoint, KeyNote, or Illustrator. You just need to be able to export and save them somewhere as jpgs.

Video you can get from youtube, and download and import into iMovie (as mp4s) using

And once in iMovie everything else is a snap. You simply cut the scenes you want, order the slides, add and remove audio, and in no time you’ll have a fun one to two minute video of something you’ve always wanted to create.

Happy moving making!