Agile Samurai Dojos held in Japan

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Last week I was humbled and honored to learn that Agile Samurai Dojo events were being held in Japan.

Agile Samurai Dojos consist of smart, passionate, dedicated software professionals getting together and diligently training themselves in the art of agile software delivery.

Consisting of over 70 participants spread across four Japanese cities, the dojos included lighting talks (by the world’s best Japanese agile translators Kakutani Shintaro and Nawoto Nishimura), study sessions, and mind mapping exercises resulting lots of sharing and learning (not to mention over 1500 #agilesamurai tweets on twitter!).

Watching the videos I see people were having fun, sharing a lot of ideas, and enjoying themselves while doing it (which is what software delivery is all about).

I want to thank Kiro Harada, Kajiura-san (dojo master), Hiroki Ohtsuka (for the pictures) and all the other dojo masters and everyone who helped put this together.

I wish you all the best of luck in your upcoming projects.
I wish could be there.
Until then, sayonara.

Sincerely, Jonathan Rasmusson

Video Message to the Agile Samurai of Japan

More links, blogs and photos of the event,0x34674e0fd77f192f:0xf54275d47c665244,0&ie=UTF8&z=6&vpsrc=0

Dr.Dobbs reviews The Agile Samurai


It’s surreal when you see your first official book review.
Your stomach is in knots.
What if they don’t like it?
You can’t hide it. It’s out there. For all the world to see.

Well it was with great relief (and trepidation) that I read the first official online review of The Agile Samurai on Dr. Dobbs today and was thrilled to see they liked it!

Mike Riley was generous in his praise of the book.

The clear themes that pervade throughout are the importance of personal and team alignment, effective organizational skills, active and persistent client engagement and having the fortitude to be an honest, trustworthy partner who will tell it like it is, even if it’s bad news.

I was also glad to see the theme of ‘you can’t take this stuff too seriously’ came through.

I know not everyone is going to like The Agile Samurai. But I sure am glad the someone did.

So thank you Dr. Dobbs and Mike Riley for making the first review a kind one.

Like Mike says:

Nothing is more hypocritical than a non-agile book on agile methodology. Gobs of tables, charts, lists and ROI analysis are preachy CYA consultant material, but hardly do much for people in the trenches trying to succeed at their jobs within the ever shrinking constraints they may be under. Fortunately for readers of The Agile Samurai, this is not one of those books.

Agile Samurai – The Movie

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Movie might be a bit of stretch. Heck trailer might be a bit of a stretch.

But when the Prags asked me to make a short promotional video for the Agile Samurai I immediately said: “Hell ya!”

The first cut of the video (the one I really wanted to use) looked something like this:

But for obvious copyright infringement purposes, it ended up looking more like this.

Making short clips like this is super easy with iMovie. All you need are some jpgs of slides you’d like to present and video of stuff you’d like to edit.

Slides you can create with PowerPoint, KeyNote, or Illustrator. You just need to be able to export and save them somewhere as jpgs.

Video you can get from youtube, and download and import into iMovie (as mp4s) using

And once in iMovie everything else is a snap. You simply cut the scenes you want, order the slides, add and remove audio, and in no time you’ll have a fun one to two minute video of something you’ve always wanted to create.

Happy moving making!

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