Something I really enjoy about being a dad is that as you raise your kids, you are often reminded of stuff that YOU should be doing.

This weekend while slinging bacon and eggs for 38 Cub Scouts, I got a reminder of how I could be a better citizen.

I thought these Cub Scout Values were so good, I am posting them here to remind myself whenever I need a kick in the pants.

The Cub Scout Core Value’s

At a time when people don’t pay attention to local, state, or national communities,
Let us show Citizenship.

Where some think the way to be cool is to tease others,
Let us show Compassion.

If we see people who do nothing but argue about the best way to get a job done,
Let us show Cooperation.

When we face danger,
Let us show Courage.

While respecting the beliefs of others,
Let us live our Faith.

Though some people do drugs, eat unhealthy food, or don’t keep fit,
Let us commit to our Health and Fitness.

In a world with people who tell lies and try to trick us,
Let us be Honest.

In a world where people take the easy way out,
Let us persevere.

While others grumble and grouch,
Let us have a Positive Attitude.

Where people only think of themselves,
Let us show Respect.

In a world where people use more than they need,
Let us be Resourceful.

Thanks to all the leaders, Cubs, and volunteers for reminding me of what it takes to be a Cub Scout and citizen of the world.