Greetings from the Iteration – Retrospective

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Tried something new style of retrospective this week. It’s called Greetings from the Iteration.


Basic idea is you write yourself a postcard, talking about and visualizing how last iteration went.You can create pictures, write words – whatever you want.

For this retro, we started with a blank wall, containing three areas: sunny for great iteration, rainy for bad, and an island in between for OK.


Then team members spent about 10 minutes creating their post cards


After 10 minutes, team members standup, share their experiences with the team, and then stick it on the board/wall indicating how they feel (sunny parts for great sprint, rainy parts for not so great).


It’s a neat exercise. What I like about it is it gives the team members a blank canvas to express how they feel. It’s also something different and new to get the juices flowing and lead to some interesting discussion.

I got the idea from Filipe Albero Pomar via Corinna Baldauf’s website

A wonderful website containing over 91 different ideas and activities for retros with you teams (thank you Corinna). So if you are looking to try something different with your teams, head on over, check it out, and see if you can’t mix things up a bit at your next retro.

Pixar’s Ed Catmull – keep your crises small

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I’m a big Pixar fan, so when I saw this video with Ed Catmull talking about:

  • why SGI failed (0 min)
  • Pixar’s organizational structure (5 min)
  • what iterative development looks like in a movie studio (6 min)
  • the death that nearly occurred on Toy Story II (14min), and
  • how Pixar does retrospectives (26min)

I just had to watch.

So if your a fan of their movies, or you’re just curious to see how they do it, grab a snack, sit back, and enjoy the show.

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