New Agile Planning Video


Just released a new Agile In a Nutshell Planning video. You can see it and the other Agile In a Nutshell videos (like user stories and estimation) here.

Here are some slides from the deck.

Agile Planning

agile planning

agile planning master story list, velocity, iterations

agile planning

what kills most software projects

agile planning step 1

agile planning step 2

agile planning step 3

agile planning step 4

velocity will vary

agile planning pick some dates

deliver by date

deliver by feature set


New Agile Estimation Video

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I just released a new video called Estimation – The Fine Art of Guessing


It’s target at people who need to build Agile plans, and are wondering how Agile estimation works.

This is part of a new Agile video series I am starting targeted at people who are brand new to Agile (i.e. your boss, your co-workers, your mom/dad, or anyone you just want to know and understand how you work).

If you have any suggestions on topics, things you would like to see, or how to make these better I would love to here them.

You can reach me here.

Hope you enjoy this latest video. Here are some of the slides from the slidedeck.

Agile Estimation

agile estimates are guesses

agile estimation - is this project even possible

agile estimation - one number for the estimate

agile estimation - a little effort goes a long way

agile estimation relative sizing

agile estimation - point based

agile estimation - develop baseline

agile estimation - slot stories in

agile estimation - planning poker

agile estimation - planning poker example

agile planning estimation

agile planning

There’s an emotional lie to over planning

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I began to see that over planning can be as pernicious as not planning at all. There’s an emotional lie to overplanning; it creates a security blanket that lets you assume you have things under control, that you are further along than you really are, that you’re home free when you haven’t even walked out the door yet.

Twyla Tharp, The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life

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