This morning while listening to the Stanford ECorner Podcast, I heard of an alternative form of retrospective taught at Stanford’s Institute of Design.

Instead of getting together at the end of a sprint and asking:

  • what are we doing well
  • what could we be doing better

The gets together at the end of the day, sits in a circle, and everyone gets a chance to say anything on their mind. The only requirement is the sentence must start with:

  • I like …
  • I wish …
  • I wonder …

This seems like a nice, open, gently way to let people vent, congratulate, speculate, and release whatever is on their mind.

Stanford School of Design (dschool) positions this as more of a feedback tool for getting feedback on designs, but I think it’s super useful and could be applied in just about any context.

Check out this one pager to learn more about how it’s used in design.