Henry Kissinger has had the privilege of participating and witnessing first hand some of what are the most influential and pivotal events that are now affecting your’s and my life first hand – and that is the remarkable growth and rebirth of China.

Outlined in great detail with first hand account of conversations with Mao and Deng Xiaoping, Mr. Kissenger takes you through the behind the scenes accounts of China tumultuous relationship with the US, and puts in context event and possible futures of tomorrow.

He starts of by looking at China’s great history and gives us the Chinese perspective of how they see themselves in the world. With the exception of the last two centuries (which China sees as the humiliation of foreign subjugation) China was always view itself as the middle kingdom. The center of the universe. And a place with foreigners come for enlightenment.

Further to that they see their ascendancy back onto the world stage as simply reclaiming they historical always had – most enlightened nation status.

I’m not doing this book justice. I will only say that by reading it, I appreciated how little I understand the Chinese perspective of the world (even after living in Hong Kong for two years) and little we in the West get where they are coming from. This should be mandatory reading for any politicians or business people before dealing with the Chinese.

It’s an incredible text. A great work. And a must read for anyone looking to gain insight into what China relationship with the world looks like, and how events may unfold.