So this weekend I have the pleasure of seeing the Apple watch for the first time in two distinct iconic locations – Grand Central Station, and the flagship 5th Avenue store.

Grand Central Station


First off, when I first walked into Grand Central Station (or Juncture here as they call it) I didn’t even know that hand an Apple store tucked away in the back.

Not thinking much, I walked over, and loe and behold – watches!


This was the first day the watches had been on display to the public and needless to say people were excited.


The watches come in all different shapes and sizes (completely different marketing from computers where there are very few models). And there was a watch for just about everyone.



Speaking to a salesman I asked if the watches were for sale. He said no. You could only pre-order. And they were sold out till November! Woah.


I don’t know if that’s true of not, but still. There seems to be a pretty healthy demand for these times.

I got to play with some of the watches on display. I have to say I am impressed. They feel good. The user interface works well. You can speak with Siri and it works. So I could see these things doing well.

I walked in having no desire for owning an Apple watch. But after playing with one for a while. I was beginning to think these things were pretty cool. Maybe I was just getting swept up in the moment.


Anyways. After that it was off to me real destinatation. The iconic 5th avenue store.

5th Avenue Store

This is the store that Walter Isaccson talked about in the Steve Jobs biography. Clear cube on top. Spiral stair case going to the bottom. It is simply beautiful.


And over course they had the watches on display too. So things were getting busy in there.


I just stood back and marvelled at the place. It was truly a beautiful store. It’s located right on 5th ave. Right beside Central Park. And is definitely iconic not only it’s exterior design, but on that day what it was selling inside too.


I don’t know whats going to happen to the watch long term. I suspect Apple will iterate on this and it will improve over time.

But I bet you this store won’t be quiet until after Christmas. And I suspect more than one person will be finding a new Apple Watch.




And I just love that staircase!