How to fill in a shape that you have drawn with a brush – illustrator

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Sometimes when I draw shapes in illustrator with the brush, and then join the paths, it doesn’t fill in the way I want it to.

It colors outside the lines, and looks pretty ugly.

The problem is some of the anchors points on my path are not completely lined up. I need to join them.


Fortunately this is pretty easy, just go around your shape grabbing x2 segments at a time, and then join them.


Now when you invert the paint, you should see them fill in nicely.


Happy painting!


How to add curves to a straight line in illustrator


Say you have a shape that you want to add some curves to.


Here I want to add some curves to the bottom straight line (it’s the outline of a super hero cape). Here’s how you do it.

1. Add some anchor points.

Select your shape, find the straight line you want to add a curve to, and add anchor points where you want the curves to appear.

First select the ‘Add anchor point tool’


Then add your anchor points by clicking on the line where you want them to appear (more dots should appear on the line).


See where the straight line used to have no anchor points between the ends. Now it has two.

2. Add some curve.

Select your direction tool (shortcut – A)


then select the anchor point(s) you just added, and pull them in the direction you want your line to curve.


See how that bent our line? Next let’s smooth it out.

3. Smooth it out.

If you want jagged lines, you are done. If you want these to be curved, we need to convert these anchor points to ‘smooth’.

Using the same selector tool (short cut – A), select the anchor point you want to convert and then go to the top Illustrator and select ‘Convert Selector Points to Smooth’.


That should now smooth out your line and give it some nice curve.

Happy drawing!

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