Agile Samurai Training this week in Japan

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These next two weeks I’ll be in Tokyo and Osaka doing training on everything from the Agile Inception Deck to How to lead your agile team.

If you are interested, checkout the schedule below to see if anything fits your schedule. These courses are open to the public.

Agile Samurai Dojos held in Japan

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Last week I was humbled and honored to learn that Agile Samurai Dojo events were being held in Japan.

Agile Samurai Dojos consist of smart, passionate, dedicated software professionals getting together and diligently training themselves in the art of agile software delivery.

Consisting of over 70 participants spread across four Japanese cities, the dojos included lighting talks (by the world’s best Japanese agile translators Kakutani Shintaro and Nawoto Nishimura), study sessions, and mind mapping exercises resulting lots of sharing and learning (not to mention over 1500 #agilesamurai tweets on twitter!).

Watching the videos I see people were having fun, sharing a lot of ideas, and enjoying themselves while doing it (which is what software delivery is all about).

I want to thank Kiro Harada, Kajiura-san (dojo master), Hiroki Ohtsuka (for the pictures) and all the other dojo masters and everyone who helped put this together.

I wish you all the best of luck in your upcoming projects.
I wish could be there.
Until then, sayonara.

Sincerely, Jonathan Rasmusson

Video Message to the Agile Samurai of Japan

More links, blogs and photos of the event,0x34674e0fd77f192f:0xf54275d47c665244,0&ie=UTF8&z=6&vpsrc=0

EnterpriseZine writeup of Agile in a nutshell (Japanese)

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The kind folks at EnterpriseZine were kind enough to have a their star reporter Dai Fujihara write up tow of my presentations at Agile 2011:

  • Agile in a nutshell, and
  • The surprising science behind agile leadership

A big thanks to Dai and EnterpriseZine for the writeup.

You can find the original slide decks for these here and here.

Agile in a nutshell – Japanese translation

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Shintaro Kakutani has graciously offered to create a Japanese version of my Agile in a nutshell presentation.

You can download the full presentation here.

I can’t read Japanese, but the output looks great and it’s already generating some buzz in Japan (over 5000 views on slideshare)

Domo arigato Shintaro Kakutani for all your hard work.

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