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This month I started working on a new website to show people how Agile works. It’s called

It’s pretty lean (just the basics) but eventually I hope to get more content up and give people a single place to go if they are looking for a gentle introduction.

So check it out. Tell anyone you think who might benefit, and send me any feedback or ideas on how to make the better.

EnterpriseZine writeup of Agile in a nutshell (Japanese)

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The kind folks at EnterpriseZine were kind enough to have a their star reporter Dai Fujihara write up tow of my presentations at Agile 2011:

  • Agile in a nutshell, and
  • The surprising science behind agile leadership

A big thanks to Dai and EnterpriseZine for the writeup.

You can find the original slide decks for these here and here.

Agile in a nutshell – Japanese translation

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Shintaro Kakutani has graciously offered to create a Japanese version of my Agile in a nutshell presentation.

You can download the full presentation here.

I can’t read Japanese, but the output looks great and it’s already generating some buzz in Japan (over 5000 views on slideshare)

Domo arigato Shintaro Kakutani for all your hard work.

APLN: Agile in a nutshell presentation

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Thanks to all of you who attended this month’s Calgary APLN presentation titled Agile in a nutshell.

Slides can be downloaded here.

I very much enjoyed giving the presentation, as well as hearing your thoughts on how we can better explain agile to people just starting out.

Thank you Janice Aston and Mike Griffith for hosting a great event.

Looking forward to our next meeting.

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