Forget your title and your role

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If I were to give career advice anyone entering the tech industry, it would be to forget your title and your role.

Today’s companies don’t want developers, testers, analysts, and project managers.

They want people who can solve problems, be trusted to follow through on commitments, and get things done.

Companies don’t want people who show up at work, waiting to be given their orders and told what to do.

They want thinkers, people who can take initiative, and can’t help but want to do good work.

The companies who are going to win, are those who are able to ignore the traditional titles and roles, and make the role fit the person.

Because at the end of the day, titles and roles don’t matter. It’s the people filling them who do.


Pretend you are going to be there forever


Wherever you are working, pretend you are going to be there for ever.

This is especially important if you are a contractor.
When you act like you are going to be somewhere forever (and that it’s YOU who is going to be maintaining this software) you behave differently.

You start to write more tests.
You don’t mind creating the occasional support document.
You clean up as you go.
And you are less likely to sweep things under the rug.
You are nicer to people (you are going to be here forever after all).
And you start to care.

Making this attitude a habit isn’t just good for the soul. It’s good for the bottom line.
Contractors who don’t care don’t get asked back.
And nowhere is the world more small than your local IT community.

So start caring. Pretend you are going to be there forever and you’ll naturally act accordingly.


Here is an equally compelling contrarian view by Jon Homs.

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