Windows & Mac

Short cut keys


Ctrl + Cmd + Space Emoji


Ctrl + Shift + N Open file
Ctrl + Shift + Back – last edit
Shift + Alt + L – locate in solution
Ctrl + F12 Show methods
Ctrl + - Move back
Ctrl + Shift + - Move forward
Ctrl + Alt + B Goto implementation
Alt + W + L Close all windows
Ctrl + Alt + R, right-click-key + R Run test in runner
Ctrl + T + RRun suite in runner
Outlining Collapse section. Right+Click Outlining
Alt + highlight column text to replace> Select all chars in a column and replace with typing

Visual Studio
Shift + F11 Step out
Tools/Options Search -> Track Active Item in Solution Explorer
u Collapse all stories in TFS (? for all commands)
Options / Codelens to remove git comments in Visual Studios
Cntl + Shift + V - Cyclic keyboard
Cntl + Shift + F9 Delete all break points

How to reset Visual Studio shortcuts (i.e. comment out line no work)

Resharper/Options Search: Shortcuts
None (Save)
Resharper 2.x (Save)
Wait 30s - Voila!

Ctrl + Shift + Backspace Move back

To have file appear in explorer automatically

Click little gear in navigator
Select 'Autoscroll from Source'
Reload project (File Close Project, Open again)
If Autoscroll not selected you will get a little target to clock on in the navigator

mock.Verify(x => x.Insert(It.Is(y => y.ExpiryGasDay.Equals(GasDay.EndOfTime))));
repos.Setup(x => x.FindById(It.IsAny())).Returns(charges);

var foo = exchangePoints.Where(p => p.IsRealOnPaper && p.IsEffective);

Window key + up/down/left/right arrow – window manage

Command line

start dir Opens explorer window to that director
git gui Open git gui window
gitk --all Visualize branches
gitk remotes/origin/production
git gc When rebase doesn’t work
git prune When above doesn’t work
git commit -m "My head line" -m "My content line."
Alt - select Block text area select

SQLServer Profiler
Tools > Profiler
Events Selection (tab) > Select last x3


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