This how to is for people who want to work with git from the command line but are struggling because of Windows 10.

Note: For these notes to work, you need to install Windows Git WITHOUT the Credential Manager enabled. If you do you will get a sequence error.

The way this works is we are going to use this line:

$ git config --global credential.helper "store --file ~/.gitcredential"

to create a local .gitconfig file on your machine with is going to locally store your credentials. If you do this as admin (recommended) your credentials will be stored here C:\Users.

Open command prompt as adminstrator

$ git config --global "John Doe"
$ git config --global
$ git config --global credential.helper "store --file ~/.gitcredential"

This will create a .gitconfig in your C:\Users\ directory and configure git to store your credentias in the same directory.

$ git config --list --show-origin

Show three entries:

file:C:/Users//.gitconfig credential.helper=store --file ~/.gitcredential

You are now ready to try your credentials out. Clone the repos, cd into it, and then do a git fetch. The first time you will be asked for your credentials. The second time you shouldn’t. You will now also see a new file (.gitcredential) appear in your user directory.