Why I write automated tests.

I write automated tests for a variety of reasons. For one they tell me when I break things. Secondly, having automated tests enables me to go fast. I can make changes with confidence. I am free to aggressively refactor my design. And I don’t stress about breaking the important stuff because I know the automated tests are there to back me up. They are like my shield and my armour.

But really, to me, automated tests are about leverage. They allow me to leverage myself in greater ways that wouldn’t be possible if they weren’t there. I can spend less time regression testing. More time adding new features, improving the testing while doing the one other kind of testing that’s really important – exploratory. These are things things the computer can’t do. Only I can.

So for me automated tests are about leverage. They give us a way to leverage ourselves and our teams further, while giving us all back the one thing we crave. Time.