One of the biggest impacts Agile had on software delivery highlighting the fact that QA was never the sole domain of any one individual or group. It really was a team activity spanning everything from project management to design and coding.

So it’s always felt a bit strange to me having a QA column on our iteration boards.

My problem with the QA colum is it sends the wrong signal.

  • It leads some developers to believe quality is still ultimately someone elses responsibility (specifically the people how own that QA column).

  • It’s inefficient and wasteful (think of all the time wasted tracking and prioritizing bugs).

  • And it perpetuates the very thing we are trying to get away from. Putting quality back in the hands of one individual or group.

So if you want to try a neat experiment, drop the QA column from your iteration board and see what happens. You can always add it back it you find you’re producing low quality work.

Or you get try something else, do some root cause analysis, and see what’s causing you shipping such big ridden code in the first place.