There’s been some changes in XCode since I last did iOS.

Do get a basic layout, just drag your elements out onto the page.

Basically, hold down the control key, left click and drag off your image to the space around it, and some pop-ups should appear that will let you auto center.


Select center horizontally or vertically.

You can also control drag onto yourself.


You can also select some stuff in the menu to help resolve autolayout issues.


Now here’s the tricky bit. See that wAnyhAny thing at the bottom? Make sure it looks like this. If you mess with this and you don’t know what you are doing (like me) you will have some elements not appear when you run the simulator – basically because this governs whether you are on iPad, iPhone, landscape ect. So if you get this wrong, your elements may not ever show up (depending on the simulator hardware you select).


If you ever want to see all the elements you have on your view, click that little box in the lower right hand corner. You can then delete or do whatever you want with them.