One thing I didn’t realize until I reached my 40’s is that no one has it all figured out.
Everyone’s is pretty much making it up as they go.

That CEO you admire.
That entrepreneur you wish you could emulate.
That gifted artist.

None of them have it all figured out.

It’s not that they’re faking it.
It’s more like they are figuring it out as they go.

This can be scary.
To realize their is no playbook.
There is no top ten list.
There is no pre-ordained pass to life or success (whatever that is).

It can also be very liberating.

No one but you who can write that book.
No one but you can draw that picture.
No one but you can write that song, produce that blog, or create that work of art that haunts you at night.
Just you.

There is no one holding you back but yourself.
And anyone who says you can’t … hasn’t yet figured this out for themselves.

So what are waiting for?