This is the second part of a three part series on how to setup a multiplayer server on a Mac.

Part 1: Setup Server
Part 2: Setup Local Client
Part 3: Setup Internet Client

Part 2: Setup Local Client

With our server setup from Part 1 we are now ready to try connecting to it with a local client.

Download the Minecraft client for Mac if you haven’t already.


Fire it up, hit the ‘Play’ button, select ‘Multiplayer’ or ‘Play with my crew’


Now to play locally we need your local IP address. To get this go (System Preferences > Network)


And then note the 10.0.1.x address. That’s your local IP address and the address that your server is running on locally. We are going to connect to that from this computer (kind of like connecting to ourselves).


Anyone else wishing to connect to use could use this information also if they are on our wi-fi.

So let’s connect to ourselves. Go back to Minecraft, click ‘Add Server’ and enter the following:


The 10.0.1.x is the local IP address of your machine.
25565 is the port number Minecraft listens on for incoming connections.

If that works, you should see something like this with green bars.


If it doesn’t work you will see something like this with a red x.


To connect to your new local server, simply highlight and click ‘Join Server’.

And if everything works, you should now be connected to your very own Minecraft server!


Coming soon. Part 3 – How to let others on the internet connect to your server.