Some notes for future me the next time I need to do this again.

Create amazon webservice account

Goto management console

Click on S3 for storage.


Create a new bucket


Create any directories you want

Upload your resource


Upload resource into your bucket

Set content-type to audio/mpeg for video


If you try connecting to the link you just created


you will get an unauthorized error. That’s because unless open to everyone, only authorized users will be able to see.


To see what your authorized access link would look like, right click on your resource and select open.


That URL you see at the top of the new window (containing access AWSAccessKeyId) is what you’ll need to build as a link, so your users can click and watch your video.

You need to build this link above, inserting your aws credentials.

So created your credentials, then build the link in rails (gist below).

Create security credentials (old)

Build link