I can attribute any success I have had in my life to two things: being nice, and working hard.

Being nice

Being nice means exactly what it says. You treat people with respect. You listen more than you talk. You are humble and not afraid to admit when you are wrong (which we all often are). You worry about other peoples feelings. And you generally play nice on the playground with others.

Ask any 7 year old. They will tell you what being nice is.

Working hard

Working hard is pretty much the same. It means not rolling your eyes every time someone asks you to do something. Helping others out (even if it sometimes means more work for you). Putting your nose to the grindstone. Getting things done.

I am not saying if you are nice and you work hard you will automatically find success (it doesn’t work like that).

It’s more along the lines of what Benjamin Franklin says:

The harder I work, the luckier I get.

To which I would add:

The nicer I am, the luckier I get.

Here’s my favorite video of one of the nicest, hardest working men I know.