These are some notes to remind me how to spin up a new rails app, point it to a URL I bought from Google App Engine, and configure the DNS so my Heroku app points to my www domain.

1. Build your app.

2. Deploy it.

> heroku create –stack cedar
> git push heroku master
> heroku run rake db:migrate

Note the URL of the deployed app in Heroku

—–> Launching… done, v7 deployed to Heroku

3. Tell Heroku to point to your domain.

$ heroku domains:add
Adding to myapp… done

4. Login into your Google Apps Cpanel domain

5. Point to your heroku instance.

Domain settings -> Domain names -> Advanced DNS settings

Note your URL and password and log into GoDaddy to make DNS config changes.

-> Sign into DNS console

The modify the www setting to point to heroku instance.


That’s it! You are done.