It’s good to know the Agile spirit is alive and well in Japan because some friends recently published their own book on Agile titled Scrum Bootcamp – The Book.


Naoto Nishimura @nawoto (co-translator Agile Samurai)
Miho Nagase @miholovesq
Ryuzee Yoshiba @ryuzee

This book is great because it takes the principles and spirit of Agile, and teaches it in a fun way using Japanese Manga!

While can’t read the text, I can tell from the numerous illustrations, graphics, and great diagrams that this book will no doubt be a hit in Japan and help further spread the word and ideas of Agile.

All the best Naoto, Miho, and Ryuzee.

Starbucks - Office of the Agile Samurai

Starbucks – Office of the Agile Samurai