One thing I have always wanted to compare are the default routes you get with Rails, with the default routes you get with ASP.NET MVC.




GET /Permits Index
GET /Permits/Create Create
POST /Permits/Create Create
GET /Permits/Details/1 Details
GET /Permits/Edit/5 Edit
POST /Permits/Edit/5 Edit
GET /Permits/Delete/5 Delete
POST /Permits/Delete/5

Pretty close. Biggest differences are Rails does


for editing a resource while ASP.NET MVC does


And some of the action names are different (new/create, show/details, update/edit, destroy/delete).

Of course you can always change your routing logic in ASP.NET MVC if you want something closer to what they do it in Rails:

Anyways. Just something I have always wanted look at and compare.