It’s not often you find a book that contains and talks about all the things you loved growing up.

80s pop culture.
Video games.

Yet that’s exactly what Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is. A virtual world created in an apocalyptic setting in the future where people enter an online world called the OASIS and battle it out amongst their favorite 80s video games.

What blew me away about this book was the depth of 80s knowledge and culture possessed by Mr. Cline. Clearly having grown up in the 80s himself, he remembers vividly the excitement and imagination we all had as kids playing PacMan, Robotron and Tron, while listening to our favorite bands Duran Duran, Men without Hats, and my favorite band Rush.

It’s an adventure (like a Dungeon’s and Dragon’s module) that spans Atari, Intellivision, Colleco Vision, and arcades where avatars quest for a hidden Easter Egg created by the OASIS genius creator.

I don’t have much else to say except if you like John Hughes films and love 80s nerd culture, do your inner child a favor and pick up a copy of Ready Player One.

5 stars – most fan you’ve had since watching Back to The Future.

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