Be a good merchant
Always seek new opportunities
Provide what the market requires
Don’t demand over payment
Ensure top quality goods.

This is one I think about constantly when pricing training, giving a talk, or setting my consulting rate.

Create winners
Aim for education and research
Be bold, tackle the worst problems first
Make sure things are well organized
Treat your comrades with respect
Fight envy and laziness.

Hugely relevant to software projects.
You’ve always got to be learning.
You can eliminate a lot of architectural risk early by going end-to-end.
And you better treat your comrades with respect. Else they’ll leave.

Attack with force
Know your enemy and yourself
Attack your enemy when unprepared
Appear where you are not expected
Do not repeat winning tactics
Expect the unexpected
Never surrender

Nokia didn’t expect the unexpected. Nobody saw Apple coming with the smart phone. And Microsoft has been on their heels for over 10 years (they’ve been repeating their winning tactics and Google better be careful of this too).

Be prepared
Use only top quality weapons
Keep equipment in premium shape
Establish one strong spirit
throughout the whole group
Ensure discipline

Todays weapons are laptops, phones, and monitors. That’s why I’ll eventually be buying a new retina display solid state drive Mac, have x2 27″ Samsung monitors, and I a highspeed Kona Jake the Snake cyclecross to sail to and from work.

Reading this seems as applicable today as it was a 1000 years ago.

Words to live by.