A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending ndcoslo in Oslo Norway and was pleased to see how deeply the Norwegians think and care about design.

Take this hotel room key for instance. No need to insert your key into any slot (or use a key). Just hold it near your door and your in. Very nice.

Inside if you need the lights on, simply insert your card into the key holder and the lights come on (they do this in Japan too).

What? It’s dark and you can’t see where to insert your key? No problem. We will light it up with an orange light so you can see in the dark.

Here is the soap dispenser in the bathroom. One big simple push and you’ve got soap.

Here’s the heated towel rack.

Here’s the dead simple shower controls.

Configured to an optimal heat setting (38C). Nice.

With one simple soap dispenser (All Over Shampoo).

Here is what you will see on a bus when your stop is coming up.

And they’ve got beautiful churches like these built centuries ago

And their own opera house to boot!

Of course not everything is perfect (I am not a fan of these milk dispensers).

But I like the affordances and thoughts to give to people (of every culture).

Over all I have to say I was very impressed with Norway.

It reminded me a lot of Japan.
Beautiful design.
Generous people.

And you can just tell over there they still give a darn about how things work.