Having Steve Jobs return to Apple was both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing in that Steve revitalized the company, turned it around, and brought it back from the brink when it was 90 days from bankruptcy.

A curse in that Steve became such a big part of the company, that it’s future is uncertain without him.

After reading Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve, I am not sure Apple can survive without him.

It took a passionate, hugely successfully dictator, who fired his board immediately upon returning, to save that company.

Public companies have a way of ‘going the way of the bozos’ as Steve would put it. Who is going to carry on that legacy with Steve gone?

I love Apple. I love what they stand for, how they’ve raised the game, and how they make people give a damn in a world swimming in lowered expectations and mediocrity.

I just fear for their future. I’m not convinced Johnny Ive’s or anyone else there will have the power, passion, conviction, and sacrifice Steve did. And I am afraid of Apple once again going the way of the bozo.

I am cheering for you Apple. Prove me wrong.