John Lasseter on Charlie Rose is like Christmas coming early for me.

Charlie Rose is one of America’s best interview/talk shows. And John Lasseter (one of the co-founder of Pixar) is just a remarkable guy to hear tell stories.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview.

Quality is the best business plan.

John Lasseter

I know how to save Apple, but they are just not listening to me yet.

Steve Jobs on Charlie Rose 1996.

On getting John Lasseter and Ed Catmull’s permission to leave Pixar and go back to Apple,

The reason why I am going back, is I think the world is a better place with Apple in it, and they are not going to survive.

Steve paid $10Million for Pixar ($5Million to LucasFilm, $5Million seed capital) and turned it into $7.4Billion making him the single biggest stock holder of Disney.

What makes Pixar films great (~30min)

They all have heart.
They make you feel emotional about these characters.
You get weepy.

The first 10 minutes of Up. No words. And get the entire life time of this couple together.

Where is the heart of these films going to come from.
That’s where we start.
You can’t add that later.

Everything supports that main characters journey.
The development of the characters, the personalities, the lighting, the color, the music.
Everything is there to support that character in that story.

When watching John describe how Pixar makes these stories, I can’t help but think of parallels in product development.

What is the heart of your product.
What is the one thing it has to do.
If you can figure that out, it can drive everything else in your product.

I gotta think about that more, but there’s something powerful there.

Why are there not more good movies?

Making the kinds of movies we make at Pixar is hard.
Each takes about 4 years.
Two years alone is often spent getting the story right.
They take a tremendous amount of work

There is so much more in this interview worth watching.
Especially if you want to know how Pixar does what they do.

But at the end of the day it’s just great seeing someone with so much passion, loving what they do.

Watch the full video here.