Something I enjoy when I get to the end of a book is reading about the author.

For example when I got end of Daemon, I was pleasantly surprise to discover

Daniel Suarez is an independent systems consultant to Fortune 1000 companies.

That’s pretty cool. An IT guy who wrote a book about a computer programming taking over the world. I can relate.

But it was when I got to the end of The Erevis Cale Trilogy by Paul S. Kemp that I was really blown away.

Check out what this guy does for his day time job:

Paul S. Kemp is a graduate of the University of Michigan Dearborn and the University of Michigan Law School. He practices corporate lay in a suburb of Detroit.

There chained to a desk, he remains a hapless slave to the unforgiving Capitalist Machine. When he manages to steal a few private moments out of the eyeshot of his merciless bureaucratic captors, he types a few meager words on an old Vic 20 computer–the writing his sole release from a life otherwise filed with unending toil.

Before he was locked in his office, never again to see the sun, Paul was known to enjoy the company of a lovely redhead he vaguely remembers as his wife, Jennifer, and that of his twin sons. He also enjoyed Yankee baseball, a well poured Guinness, a fine cigar, and any decent sci-fi or fantasy flick, but that was all before his life became a living hell of memos, legal briefs, and utterly pointless emails.

He’s just a regular guy – just like you and me. Do doesn’t really like his day job. So he writes on the side to escape.

The more author bios I read the more I find very few are professionally trained, hard core full time authors.

They are usually regular people like you and me who have families, day time jobs, and they just write for fun on the side because they have to. It’s an escape. And something they enjoy (even if it is on a Vic20).

Just thought it was cool how he wrote in the tone and voice he used in the novel when he was describing his characters.

Great book Paul. He’s to hoping you write another.