Great session this afternoon with Eewei Chen as he walked us through some great rapid prototyping techniques for ideation.

Step 1: Create an empathy map / persona

Fill in the various sections creating a persona for the person you are building the app for.

The categories are:
– Behavior
– See (motivations)
– Do (features)
– Say
– Feel

Step 2: Map features – what do I want to do?

Take the features you mapped from step 1, and start flushing them out down here.

Step 3: Can I use it?

Now walk the use through using your app made up of your highest priority most valuable features.

Step 4: Elevator pitch

Step 5: Pitch it!

Special thanks to Eewei Chen for hosting such a great session. Eewei was prepared, he had the materials, all the personas were nicely laid our around the room, and you even pre-filled in our elevator pitch butcher paper.

Great session.

Thanks to Ariadna Font and Adrian Smith for being awesome partners.

I am already thinking about how we are going to spend our millions once we build it 🙂