Something that’s been working for me at agile2011 are these business cards.

By putting the same image of the samurai on the card that appears on my book, without saying a word people instantly know who you are (if they’ve read your book).

For you authors out there who are looking for simple, fun way to promote your book, invest a couple hundred bucks, get a good designer, and get some good high quality cards made (because after all you’ve written a high quality book).

Here is a card Andy Hunt gave me after his presentation.

It’s good. It’s simple. And it’s an easy way for Andy to market and potential make contact with new aspiring authors.

So if you’ve invested all that time in writing a great book and you are out their attending conferences, get some good business cards to back it up.

And if you think you’ve got something to say, contact Dave and Andy and inquire about writing for the prags. They’re the best publishers out there and will support you all the way.