We hate it when we are wrong.
We feel less.
We feel somehow diminished.
When debating, most of us don’t listen.
We instead form rebuttals. And think of how we can be vindicated and proven right.

But take a look at who actually benefits when they’re proven wrong.

When you are proven your wrong you gain new insight.
You learn something.
You become smarter.
You are better off for it.
You actually gain when you are proven wrong.

It may not feel good, but you should actually thank people for spending the time to correct you.

I’m not saying that it always feels good, or that you never need to demonstrate you are right.

But if you can suspend your thoughts for a moment, and listen to hear what others have to say, you might learn something. Especially if you are wrong.

And when you look at being wrong in this light it won’t hurt as much, and you will be smarter for it.