The web can be a pretty intimidating place.
Everywhere you look you can find pockets of excellence.

Some companies are building and releasing products that are regularly changing how we work and play.

Others are creating game changing frameworks affecting how people are selling goods and services on the internet.

Or maybe you just read about a young man who conquered most of the known world at the tender age of 30.

When comparing yourself to others, it’s easy to get down on yourself and ask

what have I done for the world lately.


For one it’s not a fair comparison (Jobs had Woz and Alexander had an army).

Secondly it prevents you from using YOUR god given gifts and doing what you were meant to do.

Steven Pressfield says this much more eloquently than I am. But just know that all you need to do is figure out:

  • what your really good at
  • what you have a great passion for
  • and how you can make a little money to support yourself and those you love

and the rest will take care of it’s self.

Stop comparing yourself to others and do what no one else in this world can. And that is be you.