In WWII at the battle of El Alamein, Erwin Rommel had to use anti-aircraft guns to take out British tanks.

Jason Bourne once nearly killed guy with a pen.

And Jackie Chan is a master at taking any every day items, and turning them into lethal weapons for dispatching the bad guys.

No doubt all these guys would have preferred real artillery, guns or even a good stick.

But sometimes we need to adapt. Sometimes we don’t get our weapons of choice.

For developers, this might mean not getting to use their preferred version control system.
For testers, this might mean not using their preferred suite of testing tools.
For project managers, this could mean creating status reports with Microsoft Project.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t push for the best tool, or make a passionate case for your tools or methods.

Just understand that sometimes irrational decisions get made (especially in big companies) and the samurai doesn’t always get his preferred sword.

When faced with this scenario you have to make a choice:

  1. If it means that much to you, you can walk away and go work somewhere else. Or,
  2. You could suck it up, adapt, improvise, and kill the project with a pen.