That’s the title of the talk I am giving tomorrow night at the Calgary Agile Methods User Group Meeting (CAMUG).

If you are in Calgary, come on out and share your insights into how to handle some dicey agile horror stories.

Here’s the abstract:

Think you know agile? Come and test your mettle to see how you would handle these real life agile horror stories.

– Why delivering working software isn’t enough.
– What to do when test automation is too easy.
– How to handle a lead developer that isn’t a lead developer.
– The $1M VP surprise
– If developers are writing the tests, what role do testers play on project?
– The one time I was asked to leave a project
– Get your donuts off the table
– What to do if you can’t have a visible workspace
– Handling technical misunderstanding (C# vs VB.NET)

Audience members will be presented with real life cases of agile horror stories and asked to discuss how get out of the crisis, or prevent it from happening in the first place.

No slides. No power-points. Just one hour of fun honest to goodness discussion and dialogue about how agile can keep us out of trouble, and what to do when it can’t.

Jonathan Rasmusson can be found passionately searching for better ways to serve his customers by delivering high-quality software. As an experienced entrepreneur and former agile evangelist and coach for ThoughtWorks, Jonathan has consulted internationally helping others find better ways of working and playing together. When not coaching his son’s hockey teams, or commuting to work on his bike in the throes of a Canadian winter, you can find him sharing his experiences with agile delivery methods at his blog,

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

6:00 pm (Snacks and Socializing)
6:30-7:30 pm (Presentation)

ICT 121, University of Calgary Campus