If you’ve ever watched old Westerns, you’ve probably noticed that whenever the homesteaders get in trouble, they bring everyone together and circle the wagons.


Software projects do this too. Only usually, it’s when things are about to hit the fan. Only then do teams:

* bring everyone together
* cut off all outside distractions
* get them the resources they need
* prioritize and focus
* deliver something fast
* ask everyone else to get out of the way

Why wait till your project is in trouble?

Why not start your next project with the wagons already circled instead?

Co-locate your team from the start.
Talk to your customer instead of relying on written words.
Start with the most important stuff, and don’t sweat the rest till you get there.
Deliver something of value fast. How about in a week?

Agile gets much of its power from circling the wagons at the start of the project.

Not because they are necessarily in trouble. More because they want to stay out of it.